Saturday, November 7, 2009

A summer night at the Argentinian Bar and Grill

Last night we attended a wine-tasting dinner with our Collective counterparts at the Argentinian Bar and Grill in Adelaide. What a superb way to end a summers day. Our wine-tasting went for a few hours in the late afternoon/early evening and then we all stayed for dinner accompanied by some other guests. Many people who passed through had not heard of any of our wines before, and thoroughly enjoyed our range of Barossa and Eden Valley Wines. It still is very important for small wineries to hit the road and promote ourselves as our advertising and marketing budgets are miniscule in comparison to most of the other wineries. As a bonus, who doesn't like to get together with friends and enjoy a fine night of wining and dining?

The food and atmosphere of the Argentinian Bar and Grill is divine. Steak sandwiches like nothing you have ever seen before, steaks that hardly fit on a plate and many other delightful dishes. James and I both had a lovely duck pasta dish with beetroot sauce
and sweet potato crisps.

A finer table of
tappas and wines you would not see anywhere and we settled in for quite a long dinner. The service was sensational and the prices more than reasonable.

We all highly recommend it and are considering holding a Collective wine dinner there (for the public) in the future. If you haven't been there yet, it's well worth a visit not only for the sensational food but also for what is surely becoming one of the most spectacular wine lists in Adelaide.


Chris Plummer said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Argentinian Bar and Grill, I've been tempted but have yet to make the cross town trip. Unfortunately my fine dining expenses are currently tied up in a soon to be eaten 8 course degustation with Cheong Liew at the Grange ($260 a head - eek!)

Do you have any more Adelaide tastings in the pipeline? I'm dying to try your wines (especially that 09 EV Riesling) as they've been received very fondly by the online press in particular (you can thank Jeremy Pringle and Andrew Graham for my infatuation ;) I love the concept of a day tasting at
a restaurant by the way - a friend of mine used to conduct them at his restaurant - The Blanc Bar and Grill, now at North Adelaide.

I should be in the Barossa some time in December - hopefully this heatwave has tied over by then!

Best of luck,
Chris P


Thanks very much for your comment Chris. I have sent you an email via the address at your own page. We would love to meet you in December if you have time.