Sunday, June 15, 2014

Thank you!

Hello everyone, from the cold and wet Barossa Ranges!

The time has come to begin to wind up this blog, and a final post is forthcoming but in the interim I want to call a huge shout-out to the following inspirational, helpful, wonderful, honest people who have in no small way, assisted me to get to the point that I am now at, which is near The End. Finally!

I dedicate one of my favourite songs - Thank you - to you all:

 Every customer of Karra Yerta Wines 

 Every customer of Collective Barossa

Philip White (legendary wine journalist and amazing man)

Steven Kurtz (Kurtz Family Vineyards)

Mark Mader (Gumpara Wines)

Ben Carwyn (Carwyn Cellars)

Chris Plazzer (Cloudwine Cellars)

Robyn Lewis (all round inspirational woman)

Julian Coldrey (wine journalist)

Jeremy Pringle (wine journalist)

Gary Walsh (wine journalist)

Andrew Graham (wine journalist)

Shane Barker (The Lonely Grape)

Sue Schulz

Peter Gajewski
Peter & Vicki Widdop (Old Mill Estate Wines)

Kym Burgemeister (Boutique Bottlers)

Kym Montgomery

Jo and Mark Seater 

Bill Biscoe

Simon Garlick (Chilli Chocolate Marketing)

Chris Ringland (Ringland Vintners)

Bob & Wilma McLean (McLean's Farm)

Apologies to anyone I may have missed. This may be a list that needs to be edited a few times. 

I really have no words to convey my relief at this segment of my life being over so that I may move on to other things. That ray of light really is getting bigger!

Cheers for now, and I really do mean cheers!