Friday, October 24, 2008

It's a small world after all...

What I really enjoy the most about having our own small business is meeting new people. There are some amazing people in the world and especially in regards to those I "meet" on the internet, it is always extra wonderful to finally meet them in person.

Last week I had a very special visit from a couple that I had been in touch with via email since 2006 - Axel and Leen from Germany. They were on the last few days of a month long Australian holiday. And an exhausting one at that as they had flown into Darwin, driven to Perth and then flown to Adelaide.

Based in Gawler (they are both huge McLeod's Daughters fans) they spent a few days seeing some of the McLeod's sights ie the Kingsford House farm, Freeling etc and then a day touring the Barossa. Our place was their last stop before heading back to Adelaide via the Hills to do some shopping at the city RM Williams store. I do hope they managed to squeeze even a brief visit to Melba's Chocolate Factory at Woodside - that should be a must on every visitor's checklist of things to do.

I happily sent them off on their way with a bottle of riesling and other goodies. Axel and Leen were the second lot of German friends that I have had visit me and I really am amazed at how well they all speak English! I am sure that if I went to Germany I would have trouble communicating. I am hoping that they will come back in the next year or two for another visit and maybe even stay with us at our home for a while so that I can take them on a much more personalised tour of the Barossa as there really is so much to see, and not all of it on the mainstream maps/tourist guides.
It was a lovely afternoon and I am sure that we will meet again one day.

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