Sunday, November 30, 2008

Grapes, guitars and teenagers....

It is one of our dreams to be able to have our cellar door (in the old red gum stable) open regularly for small, informal, fun events. I have had many ideas written in my "winery notebook" for a few years now and my New Year's resolution for 2009 will be to start getting some of these plans into action.

One thing that I hope to see is our two teenage sons, Daniel 16 and Matthew 13, entertaining our guests at one of our functions. They are both very talented on the music front (not so much the wine one as yet!) and our home now boasts an assortment of instruments including numerous guitars (at the expense of a new oven for me:)

We were lucky to have had the great musician Chris Finnen play in the stable in January 2007 for a friend's 50th Birthday and he spent time with our sons in my eldest boy's room playing some of the boys' guitars. Chris is a wonderful mentor for anyone learning guitar but especially for youngsters. In any event, experiences like this, and in the case of Daniel, sending him to the US on a high school trip have certainly not harmed their perspectives on the music industry (in fact, Daniel came home from San Francisco even more of a Beatles freak than when he left:)

James and I are still wondering from where and from whom they both inherited their musical talents but whilst we scratch our heads in amazement sometimes, it is certainly something to be enjoyed. Here is a short clip of Daniel playing during a high school lesson a few weeks ago:

Daniel playing guitar

Once we get other clips recorded I will upload them to this post so keep an eye on this blog to see evidence that not all teenagers are up to no good:) The photo with this post is of Daniel and his mate Brodie (another exceptionally talented young man!) who both attended the International Guitar Festival in Adelaide last weekend and participated in the Guinness World Record for playing the AC/DC classic "It's a long way to the top".

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