Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wine labels of the world

It is very hard to design new wine labels. I have been tossing ideas up and down for our own "new" wine labels from some months now and still have not made a final decision!

Different laws in different countries regarding mandatory text required make the task even harder. I really like some of the modern labels being designed at the moment - one in particular even has clothes that you can remove from the lady on the front and "re-dress" her in other items. Very innovative!

Then there are the simple ones that merely focus on the wine brand (Penfolds and Henschke labels are good examples). Today I found an interesting website that aspires to have a collection of labels from all the wines in the world. You can visit the website here: Wine Label World

There is such an assortment of different styles and it is really quite amazing to see the difference between the European, American and Australian ones. It's a great way for the serious wine buff to have a look at what's out there and may even help you to identify a wine that you have tried but have forgotten the name of (that's one of the intentions of the creators).

Happy browsing!

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