Sunday, March 22, 2009

And another load bites the dust....

Today has been a superb autumn day with perfect conditions for harvesting our Eden Valley Riesling. Our crew of ten along with our own family of four (plus dog) had an almost six hour day of hand-picking as the crop was heavier than we expected despite the February heatwave.

We were lucky to have a great crew of German, Belgian and French pickers with a few Aussies and even an Englishman thrown in for good measure! Thanks guys - you did a wonderful job considering it was starting to get a bit warm in the sun by the end of the day. I hope the beer and riesling soothed your aches and pains:) Even the dog is worn out after his effort today. Our teenage sons, Daniel and Matthew, bucket-carried all day and did a fabulous job. The dog, meanwhile, just moved along behind us and basically did nothing of great excitement until right at the end when he got caught in some of the bird-netting laying on the ground. The hazards of being a "watch-dog" ie obviously not watching where he was going!

Presently the grapes are sitting under the shade of our old gum tree, waiting to be delivered to Rocland Wines tomorrow morning to be processed. James and I are going to be there to help and I can't wait to see it as I have never been at the winery for our own "crush" before (James has but I have always been unable to for one reason or another). Anyway, it's a short blog entry tonight but I was keen to post the photos of yet another wonderful day.

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