Monday, April 13, 2009

Look out, there are scarecrows about!

Autumn must be the most beautiful season in the Barossa for our visitors. The parching heat has gone and the days are warm still but comfortable. The trees and vines have slowly begun to turn the prettiest shades of red, gold and brown. Even the birds are hopping around happily. Personally I prefer winter here in the ranges (I just love being inside - especially reading or cooking - with the fire roaring, rain pounding on the roof and the wind howling through the trees) and I do hope that this year the rainfall is much higher than in the previous years.

There has been much postive anticipation leading up to the 2009 Barossa Vintage Festival, which is only held every second year. The wine industry has had it's fair share of bad news and economics recently and recent talk of the government removing the WET tax will make things worse for some so it is good to see and feel the vibes of the Festival lifting at least some peoples spirits. Usually I am working too much to enjoy the festivities and although we are still having our own vintage (the grapes are picked later here in the ranges) I think I may have a little spare time to at least visit a few of the activities. Karra Yerta, as a winery, is not participating in any event this year mainly due to time constraints and the fact that I am in the midst of organising other exciting things for us in the very near future. I will however make an effort to see some of the heritage exhibitions and sample some of the fine food and wines produced in our beautiful area as there are still many wines that I have not tasted despite my best efforts:) One of my favourite events is the Yalumba Harvest Market which will be held this year on Tuesday April 14 and Wednesday April 15. The grounds of Yalumba provide a magnificent backdrop and there are always many stalls with samples of some of the Valley's finest wares.

During the past week I have been stopping to take photos of some of the scarecrows on display throughout the area. It is amazing how much time and effort some people put in to create their scarecrows. Here are a couple of scarecrow photos: one was taken in the Tanunda Foodland and the other is of Demolition Dave (the nick-name of a local who recently won on the television program "Wipe-Out"). I am sure that this year's Festival will be a great success and by the look of things, the weather is going to be sensational so to any of you who visit the area for it, have a great time and enjoy the special things our wonderful area has to offer.

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