Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Geography of Wine

In June last year I received an email from a lovely gentleman in the United States. His name was Professor Brian J. Sommers and he is the Chairman of the Department of Geography at the Central Connecticut State University. He was writing a book called 'The Geography of Wine: How Landscapes, Cultures, Terroir, and the Weather Make a Good Drop' and asked our permission to use one of the photos from our website in the book.

The months went by and the book was published late in 2007. Last week I received a copy of this wonderful book (compliments of Brian) in which our photo is used on the title page of Chapter 12 - "Economic Geography and Wine". I am going to start reading the book tonight as it is definitely going to increase my knowledge on all of the geographical/viticultural aspects of the wine industry on a world-wide level.

It may be hard to obtain a copy in Australia but if anyone would like to try to get one please email me via our website and I can contact Brian to see if it is possible. The
ISBN is 978-0-452-28890-4 for those who would like to trace it themselves. I look forward to sitting down this evening with the book and a glass of shiraz.

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