Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Silver medal from San Francisco!

June is certainly a busy month on the wine front when it comes to shows and competitions. In the past few weeks there have been the 2008 San Francisco International Wine Competition and the Brisbane Fine Wine Festival; this weekend is the world-famous Barossa Shiraz Alliance and next weekend is The Great Edinburgh Shiraz Challenge.

All of these events and many others that I have not named are wonderful opportunities to get products "out" into the market but when you are as small a winery as we are (under 4,500 bottles produced per year) it is impossible to enter lots of competitions due to our very limited supplies. Six bottles sent here, a dozen there, and before long, a significant portion of your stock can be gone before you know it. So it's a big task to choose which shows you think are the right ones for your range of wine.

On that note, we are absolutely ecstatic to announce that we have been awarded our first ever medal - a Silver medal in the 2008 San Francisco International Wine Competition for our Karra Yerta Wines 2005 Barossa Shiraz. (From the competition website: "The San Francisco International Wine Competition, the largest, most influential international wine competition in America, is judged by a prestigious panel of nationally recognized wine experts. Judging is based on a blind, consensual procedure, ensuring that its rigor and integrity remain the nation’s most respected competition. In 2007, over 1,071 wineries submitted wines from 21 countries.")

These few statements regarding the competition show that it is indeed a feather in our cap to be awarded a medal and it certainly inspires us to keep following our dream of making super premium wines in very limited amounts.

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